Spacious 3 Bedroom Suite In Kuala Lumpur

Indulge yourselves with unparalleled luxury in our spacious 3 bedroom suite in Kuala Lumpur. Exuding lavish comfort, the suite comes with three bedrooms that are perfectly catered to travelling families. Rest assured that the 186 square metres of real estate is designed to fit in every occupant with comfort and luxury. Our guests are given exclusivity and privacy as each floor is kept with minimal occupancy.

At Wedgewood, our guests are treated to a spacious home that offers premium luxury. One of the biggest challenges when travelling is to find a place that offers home-like comfort. Wedgewood takes this into consideration and our carefully designed 3 bedroom suite in Kuala Lumpur appeals to just that. Our 3 bedroom suites are also designed with separate living and dining areas. We have managed to combine both grandeur and home-like comfort in a carefully crafted suite so that travellers will feel just at home with us.

Our 3 bedroom suite in Kuala Lumpur is equipped to ensure that your stay is a memorable experience. The spacious 3 bedrooms are equipped with a king sized bed, one queen sized bed and twin beds. En-suite bathrooms are well-equipped to make sure that guests can sit back and relax after a long day of travelling. Besides that, Wedgewood is also one of the fully equipped kitchen hotels. Guests are given a fully functional kitchen for some delectable home-cooked meals with cooking utensils and cutlery at the ready. With Wedgewood, you will not miss home at all.

As a hotel designed with guests in mind, we take great steps to ensure comfort and that guests remain entertained at all times. Our three bedroom suites come with a 50-inch Smart TV in the living room. USB power sockets are also available for your mobile devices so that you do not have to worry about your smartphones or tablets. There are even balconies that guests can relax while taking in the breathtaking view of the city around them.

For travellers looking for fully equipped kitchen hotels that offer premium comfort and luxury, Wedgewood Residences is definitely a top choice for you. With abundant amenities that make sure guests are never bored, your stay will be one to remember.

Bed Size      : King, Queen & Twin beds
Area             : 186 square metres
Occupants  : 6 pax

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