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“Safeguarding our guests is our top priority”

In this time of uncertainty with the COVID-19 outbreak, Wedgewood Residences assures your safety, wellbeing, and comfort remains our highest priority. We are looking forward to welcoming you back with care and safety measures advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH).

In the spirit of transparency, we want to summarise the measures we are implementing for the safety and comfort of our guests as shown in the pictures below. Rigorous cleaning and sanitization with special attention given towards high-contact points for all common areas and the interior of each and every suites. All our suites and lift lobbies on every individual floor are kept in a clean and hygienic environment and well ventilated.

We practised social distancing among our employees, suppliers, guests and visitors with daily body temperature taken and recorded frequently. Hand sanitisers are placed at guest contact areas, such as reception and car park entrance lobbies. Provision of disposable medical masks and gloves for our guest upon request, subject to availability.

We care for our guests and employees by introducing additional measures to safeguard their wellbeing. Regular training of our employees to ensure proper hygiene and awareness which is vital to help combat the spread of viruses and the health of our employees and valued guests.

We welcome our guests into Wedgewood Residences with the same warmth and hospitality as we’ve always done. While the COVID-19 outbreak is a precipitously changing and fluid situation, we are committed to keeping you informed and to care for you as a valued Wedgewood Residences guest.

Suites / Rooms

Disinfecting all doorknobs/ handles
Disinfecting the exterior parts of all electrical items. Areas that are frequently touched
Disinfecting the washer & dryer’s exterior
Disinfecting with the spray mist on fabric surfaces such as the dining chair cushions
Disinfecting the sofas
Disinfecting all the TV remote controls
Disinfecting the telephone
Disinfecting with the spray mist on fabric surfaces such as day/night curtains
Disinfecting all the switches
Disinfecting with the spray mist on fabric surfaces
Disinfecting all the safeboxes in the unit
Disinfecting the exterior of the hairdryer and all water taps in the bathrooms

Public / Common Areas

Disinfecting the main door – both sides, in & out
Disinfecting the dedicated food delivery area
Disinfecting the birdcage
Disinfecting main door EXIT button
Disinfecting all the furniture at the Lobby Lounge area
Disinfecting all the furniture at the Lobby Lounge area
Disinfecting the reception countertop
All main doors leading towards lift lobby to be disinfected
All lift lobby call buttons disinfected
All lift car controls disinfected
All public area washroom switches disinfected
Disinfecting all door handles/ knobs
Disinfecting Cafe countertops
Disinfecting Cafe dining tables
Disinfecting children high chairs
Disinfecting gym room door
Disinfecting all gym room equipment -Smith machine
Disinfecting all gym room equipment -Weights
Disinfecting washing machine – common area
Disinfecting dryer machine – common area
Disinfecting the Exit gate to carpark area
Disinfecting all shopping carts
Disinfecting shuttle/ van doors
Disinfecting shuttle/ van interiors